What's New at Bikini Riot
Ash Hollywood "Wet Pink Camo G-string" HD strip video
29 Jan 12
Take your pick between Ash Hollywood's piercing blue eyes or her smoking hot body but either way you will be hypnotized the same way we were. Ash looks too sexy in her tiny pink camo bikini and knows exactly how to push our buttons when she shows off her juicy ass slowly pulling down her g-string. Despite how pretty and erotic Ash is masturbating in the pool we have to admit our favorite parts are the revealing close ups.
Dani Daniels "Asstastic Zebra Scrunch Butt" HD video
26 Jan 12
If you think Dani Daniels has a great ass then you are not alone. We couldn't get enough of it and it looks amazing in her "asstastic" scrunch butt bikini bottom. The rest of her smoking hot body is just as remarkable especially her firm perky breasts which are a favorite of her many female conquests. Not to worry, the ladies are a hobby and men her passion. Btw, don't you think Dani looks a bit like a young Jane Seymour?
Ash Hollywood "Wet Pink Camo G-string" Photoset
23 Jan 12
There's no doubt that Ash Hollywood looks gorgeous in this photoset in her tiny pink camouflage g-string bikini. You'll want to jump through your screen and join her in that swimming pool for some skinny dipping and whatever else comes to mind. She looks so tasty with the water dripping down her body and trickling over her pink pierced clit hood. To top it off she even gets on her raft for some even sexier photos. Very hot.
Laura Lee "Pink Polka-dot G-string" HD strip video
21 Jan 12
Not that the ravishing Laura Lee needs any help making her breasts look even larger but in this HD video she's happy that her tiny pink polka-dot bikini top makes her boobs appear even more enormous. It works for us especially when she unleashes them in a little striptease before she gets down to business with her glass toy. Since it's clear it gives you a very good view when it's sliding in and out of her delicious pussy.
Madison Ivy "Red Boyshort Reflections" HD video
18 Jan 12
What's better than one vision of Madison Ivy in a red hot bikini? That would be a second Madison Ivy in a red bikini. Since cloning isn't legal we'll have to settle for her reflection in the mirrored doors by the pool. If you aren't already drooling looking at Madison's big tan titties in the vidcap we guarantee you soon will be when watching the HD video. Don't stare too long into her beautiful green eyes or you'll fall head over heals.
Laura Lee "Pink Polka-dot G-string" photoset
16 Jan 12
Each time you look at this photoset of the luscious Laura Lee you will wish you could be there with her relaxing by the pool on a lounge built for two and enjoying every inch of her sweet body. It's a given how huge Laura's breasts are but for some reason she looks extra curvaceous in these photos. Laura normally loves getting wet in the pool but for a change of pace she got dolled up and looked gorgeous in her pink polka-dot bikini.
Tasha Reign "Green & Pink Thong Bikini" HD strip video
13 Jan 12
Not only do we want to watch the sexy Tasha Reign get off with her g-spot vibrator but this is also a fun video to watch. Tasha may be the new reigning queen of dirty talk at Bikini Riot. She loves talking to the camera and her fans and she's pretty darn good at it. She also knows exactly what to do with her vibrator and she proves how tight her slippery pussy is when her toy stays put with no hands while she furiously rubs her clit.
Capri Anderson "Poolside Fun with Toy" BTS photos
11 Jan 12
These hot behind the scenes photos of Capri Anderson leave no doubt how cute and sexy she is. We took these photos before and during Capri's video in her polka-dot bikini when she plays with her favorite vibrator by the pool. Capri was one of the most enjoyable models we've ever worked with and these photos show not only how smoking hot she is but how much fun in the sun she was having.
Tasha Reign "Green & Pink Thong Bikini" photoset
09 Jan 12
Whenever busty blonde hottie Tasha gets naked she always has a beautiful smile on her face. In this photoset it doesn't take very long for Tasha to get completely naked. She starts out wearing a skimpy green and pink thong bikini but can't wait to pull off her bottoms and then top. Tasha's not the only one smiling. We gave her a yellow beach ball and a smiley face appeared out of nowhere.
Eufrat "Leopard Rio at the Beach" HD video
07 Jan 12
This video leaves no doubt how pretty Eufrat is in her leopard rio back bikini at the beach with the wind whipping her hair and the sound of the pounding surf in the background. A couple guys walked past and said "you are gorgeous." Refreshingly Eufrat doesn't see herself that way and during a regular day tries to dress down. But when you have that inherent sex appeal it's hard not to be noticed.
Emily Addison "Pink in Inflatable Pool Part 2" HD video
05 Jan 12
We learned in Part 1 how sexy Emily looks in a pink g-string bikini but in Part 2 we get to be mesmerized by her complete butt nakedness. Emily's big pink nipples are enough to make your mouth water but her ass is begging to be spanked. There's a pretty funny incident or blooper in this video and as luck would have it the camera was in the perfect spot to catch it. You'll have to watch it all and pay attention to find out for yourself.
Emily Addison "Pink in Inflatable Pool Part 1" HD video
04 Jan 12
Simply put Emily Addison looked so damn hot in this HD video that we had to split it in half and make two parts. Don't worry, Part 2 is coming tomorrow. No sense in leaving footage on the cutting room floor when we can all enjoy more of Emily. This video leaves no doubt that she looks great in pink and especially when getting her succulent ass and boobs nice and wet in the inflatable pool. Cat lovers take notice - Emily prefers dogs.
Eufrat "Leopard Rio at the Beach" photoset
02 Jan 12
You may be a dreamer but you're not the only one. Watching stunning Czech beauty Eufrat getting naked at a rocky beach is a dream come true. As we walked down the beach we passed a little nook in the seaside cliff and knew it would make a perfect spot for a memorable photoset. Once we saw Eufrat wearing her sexy leopard print bikini with a skimpy rio bottom we knew we made another great decision.
Breanne Benson "Sheer Yellow & Blue Suede" HD strip video
31 Dec 11
This video could be titled "two for the price of one" since Breanne achieves two orgasms with her toy. She wouldn't mind your help with a third if you join her and roll around on that comfy and warm orange blanket. It's obvious that Breanne relishes giving oral pleasure as she forgets it's only a toy that she's pleasing. Our favorite part is when you can see her shiny clit piercing showing through the sheer yellow bikini bottoms.
Rebeca Linares "Soaking Wet Yellow Thong" HD video
28 Dec 11
First Spain discovers America and then 520 years later we release another HD video of Spanish knockout Rebeca Linares. In our opinion her jiggly booty should be considered one of the great wonders of the world. We're pretty sure Rebeca was put on earth specifically to drive all men crazy. That and to satisfy as many as she can by whatever means necessary. Strapping on and taking off a skimpy yellow thong bikini definitely helps.
Breanne Benson "Sheer Yellow & Blue Suede" Photoset
25 Dec 11
In case it slipped your mind we'd like to remind you again how incredible Breanne Benson's body is. Your eyes probably first drift toward her perfect all natural breasts but don't forget those toned long legs leading up to that plump little rump begging to be spanked because of the naughty thoughts in her head. Breanne looks pretty darn good in yellow and her very hot blue suede shoes makes the outfit.
Shyla Jennings "Sheer Green Bikini & Raft" HD strip video
22 Dec 11
In our completely objective opinion this is a very hot video. Maybe it's because of how darn cute and sexy Shyla Jennings is or that she's rolling around in the shallow end of the pool dripping wet from head to toe. We think it's the way she enthusiastically masturbates with just her fingers the same way she's been practicing for years. She's perfected her method to achieve orgasm and her leaking pink pussy is evidence of that.
Nina James "Exotic Leopard Thong Bikini" HD video
19 Dec 11
Nina James looks especially pretty in this HD video with her long flowing brown hair and young breasts ready to pop out of her tiny leopard thong bikini. Nina tells us she's trying to be a sexy kitty instead of a wet kitty but we'd all rather have both. Not to worry, she gets that succulent body of hers nice and wet. Nina has an terrific fun and flirty personality and if you have a pool she'd love to come over for a skinny dip.
Shyla Jennings "Sheer Green Bikini & Raft" photoset
16 Dec 11
If you're a big fan of pool toys and especially when our models get all wet playing with them then you are really going to love this photoset of sweetheart Shyla Jennings floating on her pink raft. She starts our wearing a tiny sheer green bikini and we snapped away as she drifted from side to side. We love how in one photo she'll appear cute and innocent, in the next a glamorous pinup model and in the next an insatiable sex kitten.
Dani Daniels "Asstastic Zebra Scrunch Butt" HD strip video
13 Dec 11
How does Dani Daniels start her day when she wants to relax by the pool and work on her tan? It usually starts with an intense desire to have an orgasm which probably isn't her first of the day and definitely won't be the last. All alone in a sexy zebra print scrunch butt bikini and she can't resist getting naked and pleasuring herself and just our luck we happened to be there with a high definition video camera. Better than winning the lottery.
Evelin Rain "Hot Pink Thong and Raft" HD video
10 Dec 11
We've had a string of beauties who all possess amazing asses and Evelin Rain keeps the streak alive. You could probably play quarters on her firm rear end. Evelin looks exceptional in her pink bikini and even more so when she gets all wet and straddles a pink raft in the pool. Evelin gets a surprise visitor when the neighbor's cute little dog wandered into the yard and picked up on evelin's scent. Had to have been a male dog.
Dani Daniels "Asstastic Zebra Scrunch Butt" photoset
07 Dec 11
Say hello to the gorgeous Dani Daniels in her first hot photoset for Bikini Riot. Wow was our first reaction when meeting Dani which is exactly what you'll say when admiring her stunning body. We had an assortment of bikinis for Dani to wear and without hesitation she enthusiastically chose this zebra scrunch butt which is best described as "asstastic" the way it perfectly fits her scrumptious booty.
Carli Banks "Sexy Green Scrunch Butt" HD video
04 Dec 11
The sun is going down, the birds are chirping and Carli Banks is wearing a sexy green scrunch butt bikini. That could be the perfect moment except it gets even better when Carli unleashes those phenomenal breasts. But before she gets naked it's worth noting how perfectly the bikini bottoms fit Carli's bottom. Especially the way they ride up her pussy creating some excellent camel toe.
Sunny Leone "Sheer Green & Pinwheel" HD video
01 Dec 11
Who wouldn't want to watch videos of Sunny Leone all day long? She is sexy, sweet, always horny and of course a knockout. She looks amazing in her sheer green bikini which barely conceals her big brown nipples and her super tight pussy. Sunny is having a blast on a big inflatable pinwheel and even more so when we put her on it in the pool and watch her float from end to end while we film from the second story balcony.
Carli Banks "Sexy Green Scrunch Butt" photoset
28 Nov 11
It's safe to say that cutie Carli Banks is best known for her succulent natural breasts that we can never get enough of but in this photoset we show off her long shapely legs which coincidentally connects to her equally mesmerizing ass. Carli is wearing a sexy green scrunch butt bikini and the low rise panty shows off her camel toe so perfectly that you might prefer she keep them on for a little while at least.
Madison Ivy "Red Boyshort Reflections" HD strip video
25 Nov 11
If you've been waiting in anticipation of a new Madison Ivy video you definitely will not be disappointed because this is one hot HD strip video. Of course Madison is now a brunette knockout with tremendous ass-shaking abilities, tits that will make you lose control and as usual she is one horny chick. In fact she explains how extra horny the warm sunshine made her and she can't wait to masturbate for us again. The perfect woman.
Jayden Cole "Pink & Silver Fishnet Bikini" HD video
22 Nov 11
You've got to love a fishnet bikini. Jayden Cole looks like she's clothed but take a closer look and you'll notice her tight shaved pussy or her big brown nipples poking through the fabric. In this video Jayden is working her magic for the camera showing off those nice natural breasts and super long legs which look awesome when she's pulling her ankles back by her head or better yet when on all fours with her nice ass pointing in the air.
Madison Ivy "Red Boyshort Reflections" photoset
19 Nov 11
Welcome back ultra vixen Madison Ivy in more smoking hot photos. We're positive you missed her as much as we have. This time Madison is a gorgeous brunette instead of platinum blonde and she brought along her two new breast, or rather, best friends. Madison has an insatiable sexual appetite and her sex appeal will captivate you whether she's wearing a skimpy red boyshort bikini or hanging out naked behind the camera.
Emily Addison "Pink in Inflatable Pool" HD strip video
16 Nov 11
If you enjoyed Emily Addison's photos frolicking in an inflatable pool wearing a hot pink g-string bikini wait until you watch this high definition strip and masturbation video. Emily looks stunning as she tests the water temperature with her toes and then pushes all the right buttons first teasing us with her beautiful breasts, then that luscious ass and finally her sweet pussy which is begging for her matching pink toy.
Spencer Scott "Green & Pink Scrunch Butt" HD video
13 Nov 11
Do you believe in love at first sight? Well if not you might become a believer after watching platinum blonde hottie Spencer Scott in this High Definition video. She worked her magic on us with her irresistible smile and infectious giggle and then of course there's her gorgeous body in a green and pink scrunch butt bikini. Spencer might originally be a Georgia peach but with those sexy tan lines she's officially a California beach bunny.
Emily Addison "Pink in Inflatable Pool" photoset
10 Nov 11
Enjoy our first photoset of the sensational Emily Addison as her luscious breasts are on the brink of popping out of her pink bikini top. We knew Emily loves everything fetish so we thought it would be fun and a little kinky for her to be photographed in a cool inflatable pool. Wow were we right. She got a huge kick out of it and these photos are a must have for anyone in love with Emily's smoking hot body.
Capri Anderson "Floating in Coral Bikini" HD video
07 Nov 11
It's always interesting to hear what slang term a model uses to refer to her vagina. We've heard kitty, hoo haa and the usual culprits but Capri is the first to affectionately use the term "Cooter." Anyway, she's very proud of it and loves showing it off and we're all happy to encourage her. It's a given that Capri looks phenomenal especially when she's wet in a bikini getting naked and floating all over the pool on her inflatable island.
Rebeca Linares "Soaking Wet Yellow Thong" HD strip video
04 Nov 11
We've had some good girls gone bad on Bikini Riot and we've had some naughty girls who love being bad but it might be a fair bet to say Rebeca Linares ranks as one of the naughtiest of them all. Rebeca has sex on her mind all the time and she might as well as good as she is at it. Our favorite line from this video is when Rebeca stops masturbating for a minute and says "I'm not going to give you my cum yet."
Rebeca Linares "Soaking Wet Yellow Thong" photoset
01 Nov 11
Naughty Spanish hottie Rebeca Linares is back in another sexy photoset as she gets soaking wet in her yellow and blue thong bikini. Guess the pool water wasn't wet enough so she even empties her water bottle all over her huge breasts. Rebeca is the total package with her insatiable sex drive, a spanish accent that will drive you wild and what may be our favorite is her mouth-watering butt. You'll want to do more than just look at it.
Nina James "Exotic Leopard Thong Bikini" HD strip video
29 Oct 11
If Nina James wasn't already prominently featured in your fantasies she soon will be. You won't be able to forget the vision of her playing in the turquoise pool water exposing one luscious breast and then the other from her sexy leopard bikini top. Of course she doesn't stop there. The bottoms also come off and she proudly displays her succulent body while finding the time to rub out another orgasm.
Randy Moore "Orange Latex Thong Bikini" HD video
26 Oct 11
Can you guess who's incredible ass this is? Of course it belongs to Randy Moore. In this video we decided to double the pleasure by not only having Randy wear a sexy thong bikini but in this case it's made of orange and black latex. Okay not everyone has a thing for latex but when it's a tiny bikini wrapped around Randy's firm breasts and pulled tight through her sweet ass crack you might have found a new passion.
Nina James "Exotic Leopard Thong Bikini" photoset
23 Oct 11
Nina James is the cute and horny girl next door who loves to parade around in the nude and hang out by the pool in her skimpy bikinis which usually don't stay on too long. In these amazing photos Nina gets dolled up and puts on a sexy exotic leopard print thong bikini which rides up the crack of her succulent ass and barely contains her perky natural breasts.
Evelin Rain "Hot Pink Thong Bikini" HD strip video
20 Oct 11
In this HD video Evelin Rain asks if you're ready to get wet and wild with her and the answer should be a resounding yes. She might be in the pool but when she says wet she has something else in mind. Evelin teases us for a bit in her hot pink thong bikini until she's ready to masturbate with her toy. She'd prefer the real thing but this toy does the trick and it's really hot watching her push and pull it in and out of her very tight pussy.
Laura Lee "White & Silver Zebra Thong" HD video
17 Oct 11
Laura Lee loves to get wet and not only between her legs. She can't get enough of playing in the pool water and we're only happy to see her sexy body soaked from head to toe. Laura is wearing a hot silver and white zebra print thong bikini and when she unleashes her huge breasts we get a little concerned she might float away. The lawn crew next door decided to work some overtime so they could peep but Laura didn't mind.
Evelin Rain "Hot Pink Thong and Raft" photoset
14 Oct 11
When they say good things come in small packages they might have been talking about Evelin Rain's smoking hot body. All we can say is what an ass and if your not careful her long hard nipples could poke your eye out. Evelin wanted to go with an all pink theme to match her new sunglasses so we put her in a hot pink and yellow thong bikini and even had her floating on a matching pink raft.
Sunny Leone "Sheer Green & Pinwheel" HD strip video
11 Oct 11
It's a given that any Sunny Leone video is guaranteed to be a ten on the hotness dial but this one might take the dial all the way up to eleven. She looks amazing all wet in a sheer green bikini with her big brown nipples showing through as she bounces and giggles on the huge inflatable pinwheel lounger. The sheer camel toe is also very hot. Sunny shows off her oral skills on her big toy and later how tight her kitty can be.
Tasha Reign "Pink Polka-dot Scrunch Butt" HD video
08 Oct 11
The only thing better than blonde beach bunny Tasha Reign in a hot tub wearing a super sexy pink with white polka-dots scrunch butt bikini is Tasha Reign butt naked in a hot tub. Speaking of butts, Tasha shows her's off first walking to the pool and then when she gets it dripping wet and shakes it for us. Any color would look good on her but this pink bikini perfectly matches her pink nipples, pink pussy and even her pink rose bud.
Sunny Leone "Sheer Green & Pinwheel" photoset
05 Oct 11
Now this is a must see photoset of the luscious Sunny Leone as she only gets better and better with every new set. Sunny looks incredible in a sheer green bikini with her mouth watering big brown nipples showing through. And if that's not enough she's having a blast posing on a huge colorful pinwheel floating island. We also put her in the deep end of the pool where she had to fend for herself as we took photos from a balcony.
Randy Moore "Red & White Polka-dots" HD strip video
02 Oct 11
Maybe most models look good in red but Randy Moore looks phenomenal in a red with white polka-dots thong bikini as she proudly displays her hot body. Randy might appear to be the quiet type as she gets all wet in the hot tub but what she really wants is someone to take charge and tell her exactly what you want her to do. The thought of that is what turns her on as she plays with a crazy looking and very powerful black vibrator.
Briana Blair "Blue and Silver Fishnet" HD video
29 Sep 11
When you have blonde hottie Briana Blair in front of you in her sexy fishnet bikini it's hard to decide which you want to grab first, her firm and juicy rear end or her luscious breasts. You might as well do both and while your at it rub some tanning oil all over her soft tanned skin while she talks dirty with her sultry voice. If you find it hard to stop staring at her phenomenal ass don't worry you're not alone.
Randy Moore "Orange Latex Thong Bikini" photoset
26 Sep 11
Wow we wish we could photograph Randy Moore every day. We knew that Randy really loves fetish modeling so we thought this tiny orange latex thong bikini would be perfect for her smoking hard body and we were right. We especially love it when she starts to take down her bottoms and the rubber straps are pulled tightly across her firm thighs until they fall to her ankles and sexy feet with the French tipped toenails. Very hot!
Jayden Cole "Pink & Silver Fishnet Bikini" HD strip video
23 Sep 11
While watching this HD strip video of Jayden Cole in her pink and silver fishnet bikini you'll quickly realize that she has that extra sex appeal that will drive you crazy. It's the little things like her playful teasing, rubbing oil all over her long legs and natural breasts or working a glass toy from behind while standing up. Better yet it's probably the way her pussy grips hold of that toy with no hands. Imagine how tight she can make it.
Ash Hollywood "Cute Red Hearts Micro" HD video
20 Sep 11
A big juicy ass like Ash Hollywood's should always be in a g-string and never covered up. Ash looks too sexy in her sheer micro hearts bikini as she works her magic for the camera stripping in the hot tub and playing with a crazy red vibrator. There's even sort of a 50's pinup vibe working when you combine Ash's platinum hair and bright red lipstick. Of course glamour models didn't have naughty pierced clit hoods back then.
Jayden Cole "Pink & Silver Fishnet Bikini" photoset
17 Sep 11
Fishnet bikinis always look sexy and on the auburn haired beauty Jayden Cole her shiny pink and silver fishnet bikini looks exceptional. The sun wasn't out much but Jayden did her best to work on her tan and the bonus was her big brown nipples were constantly at attention. FYI, we were talking with Madison Ivy the other day and she said the best girl girl sex she's ever had was with Jayden. So she's got that going for her, which is nice.
Spencer Scott "Green & Pink Scrunch Butt" HD strip video
14 Sep 11
We were half expecting steam to rise from the turquoise pool water when smoking hot Spencer Scott waded in wearing her sexy green and pink scrunch butt bikini. Okay, that's not physically possible but she will have a similar effect on anyone watching this high definition video. Spencer couldn't wait to have an orgasm so we let her play with her favorite toy that she uses to masturbate every day. It never fails to do the job.
Breanne Benson "Blue Sequins Thong Bikini" strip video
11 Sep 11
In this video the lovely Breanne Benson asks what position we want her in. It's hard to decide. Do we want that cute little ass facing us or her perfect natural breasts bouncing in our faces? There's always time for both. The sky was a little cloudy so it got chilly for Breanne and on top of that the hot tub heater was on the fritz. It's funny watching Breanne's reaction to the cold water. At least it made her nipples harder.
Spencer Scott "Green & Pink Scrunch Butt" photoset
08 Sep 11
The gorgeous blonde bombshell Spencer Scott wants to say hello in her first photoset for Bikini Riot. Spencer is the total package and still holds the record for being the youngest Playboy Playmate. She looks phenomenal in her green and pink scrunch butt bikini standing all wet in the turquoise blue pool water. We love her old school tan lines and she literally has one of the prettiest pussies we've ever seen.
Rebeca Linares "Red & Black Zebra Stripes" HD video
05 Sep 11
Rebeca Linares is definitely one of a kind and it's no wonder she's achieved so much success as an adult performer. What's amazing is how tight her pussy is given the monsters she has sex with. That's probably why she loves anal so much. When Rebeca starts to ride her vibrator it might sound like she's having trouble fitting it in but it's really her thighs burning from standing awkwardly so long. She prefers to be on her knees or back.
Capri Anderson "Floating in Coral Bikini" HD strip video
02 Sep 11
It's amazing how well Capri Anderson can shake her juicy little ass in this HD video. She even rivals girls with major junk in their trunk. Capri strips off her coral g-string bikini and jumps up on a cool floating island so she can show off her incredible body and pleasure herself. Capri is from Miami so she loves the water and you can tell by how much fun she is having especially when she sinks her fingers deep in her tight pussy.
Capri Anderson "Floating in Coral Bikini" photoset
30 Aug 11
Capri Anderson gets more sexy and cute with each new photoset. Your mouth should already be watering looking at the preview thumbnails. This is destined to be one of our favorite photosets. Capri outdoes herself floating on an inflatable island having fun spreading wide her legs and sweet pink pussy. She loves getting wet and is a blast in the water. If you want to spend a day naked in a pool spend it with Capri.
Carli Banks "Turquoise String Bikini" HD video
27 Aug 11
If you're interested in sitting back and admiring the incredible body of Carli Banks then this HD video is for you. We could stare at her luscious natural breasts and pretty pussy all day long. With as many videos of Carli as we have you could almost do that. Carli got a little overheated in this video but she's a pro. Is it just us or when Carli says "Hi" does she sound a lot like Gogo in Kill Bill when she says "Hi" to Beatrix Kiddo?
Brooke Belle "Red White & Blue Thong" HD video
24 Aug 11
The always horny Brooke Belle wearing a red, white and blue thong bikini would make everyone stand up and salute in their pants. Or better yet sing the national anthem while pounding her from behind. She'd get a kick out of it. Brooke is one of those models who you never know what they'll say next. Oh, while you have her on all fours grab hold of that tight little round ass and give it a smack once in a while.
Carli Banks "Bottomless Sunbathing" photoset
21 Aug 11
Most girls are up for some topless sunbathing by the pool but a girl like Carli Banks goes all the way and prefers it in the buff. Actually she was originally wearing her turquoise string bikini and once she got naked we went up to the second floor deck and took some overhead photos. Instead of only including a couple dozen we thought all the photos of her sundrenched body and tight ass deserved to be seen in their own photoset.
Jenna Presley "Purple Bikini & Tanning Tub" HD video
18 Aug 11
We learn in this video that Jenna Presley does not like cold water but it's funny watching her soldier through and get a little wet anyway. What Jenna really likes is playing with her big boobies or better yet someone else playing with them. She also likes her foreplay sloppy and wet. The more spit the better and if you feel like it drop your load all over her titties because she wants to lick it all up. Her words.
Laura Lee "White & Silver Zebra Thong" HD strip video
15 Aug 11
Laura Lee is so damn sexy. She's a knockout in whatever bikini she is wearing but in this case she's wearing a hot white & silver zebra print thong. This HD video is all about showing off every inch of Laura while she enjoys the warm spa water caressing her huge breasts. She loves talking to the camera and we could listen and watch her all day. Is it our imagination or does she talk and sound a lot like Pamela Anderson?
Laura Lee "White & Silver Zebra Thong" photoset
12 Aug 11
These photos were guaranteed to be hot not only because of the beautiful Laura Lee but we put her in the water and told her to move wherever she wanted and we'd just snap away. Laura's boobies are always lip smacking but when water is beading and running over her big brown nipples it's enough to send you into sensory overload. Instead of writing this description we wish we were right back in that pool with Laura.
Tasha Reign "Pink Polka-dot Scrunch Butt" HD strip video
09 Aug 11
Right off the bat in this video you'll love watching Tasha Reign's juicy ass wiggling in her pink polka-dot scrunch butt bikini as she walks to the hot tub to get wet, naked and self pleasured. If you like a woman who knows how to talk dirty then you'll love Tasha even more cause she knows how to deliver. In fact we think it's what turns her on even more. Our favorite line is, "It tastes so good and sweet. I love my pussy." So do we.
Devi Emmerson "Purple Crotchless Bikini" HD video
06 Aug 11
So there are guys who will gladly call themselves a "breast man" but once you have Devi Emmerson's young and firm breasts dangling in front of you while she's riding you cowgirl we'll all become "breast men." Not any model can pull of a wild bikini like this purple one or maybe we should call it purple strings instead but Devi has the perfect curves. A big sex toy even makes an appearance. Check that - it makes a disappearance.
Tasha Reign "Pink Polka-dot Scrunch Butt" photoset
03 Aug 11
We've been on a roll with blondes lately at Bikini Riot and the gorgeous Tasha Reign immediately jumps to the head of the class. She's the epitome of the California beach bunny with all the right curves and a sex drive to match. We put Tasha in a cute and sexy pink with white polka-dots scrunch butt bikini and she looks dynamite in it and more so when she gets naked and wet on the ledge between the hot tub and the tropical pool.
Briana Blair "Blue and Silver Fishnet" HD strip video
31 Jul 11
Briana Blair is wearing a very hot fishnet bikini and wants someone to come play with her in the hot tub. In the meantime she shows us exactly what she wants you do do to her. Briana drops her panties first making sure her pussy is nice and wet and then unleashes her big breasts. She brought a glass toy with her and bangs herself from behind just the way she prefers until she has an orgasm.
Nina James "Riding Inflatable Porpoise" HD video
28 Jul 11
Nina James has always wanted to swim with the dolphins. We're making that part up but we did get her the next best thing with her new inflatable porpoise which she quickly dubs her new boyfriend. Nina is looking too cool for school in her aviator sunglasses and a sexy neon yellow thong bikini that fits her perfectly. She is such a cutie and nothing could be more fun than spending some quality time with her naked in a pool.
Briana Blair "Blue and Silver Fishnet" photoset
25 Jul 11
We thought our previous photosets of Briana Blair were awesome but this photoset tops them all. She's the total package in these photos looking gorgeous in a baby blue and silver fishnet scrunch butt bikini and showing off all her curves in almost every sexy position imaginable. It'll be hard to pick your favorite pose but we're guessing Briana on all fours with her tight ass up in the air will be at the top of your list.
Ash Hollywood "Cute Red Hearts Micro" HD strip video
22 Jul 11
There is something about Ash Hollywood that makes you want to have sex with her all day long and believe us she's ready. Whether it's her teasing personality, perky breasts or big juicy behind you can't help but get a bulge in your pants. Her strutting around in a sexy g-string bikini helps too. In this HD video Ash strips off her bikini and sits on the edge of the hot tub and doesn't stop playing with herself until she has another orgasm.
Sunny Leone "Tiger Striped Scrunch Butt" HD video
19 Jul 11
So tigers aren't green but Sunny Leone looks amazing in her green tiger striped scrunch butt bikini. Okay, she always looks amazing but this bikini kicks it up a notch. Warning, outdoor patio furniture can be dangerous. Sunny literally burned her little butt when she first sat down on the metal edge of the lounge chair. You can see the evidence when she gets on all fours and sticks her still lovely ass in the air.
Ash Hollywood "Cute Red Hearts Micro" Photoset
16 Jul 11
It's time to take a relaxing soak in the hot tub and who is already there waiting to join you than none other Ash Hollywood. Ash is looking extra cute in her little micro bikini with red hearts especially with her hair slicked back and water dripping over her perky pink nipples and ripe rear end. Ash even has a little surprise for us in the form of a matching red vibrator which you can see really gets her juices flowing.
Breanne Benson "Blue Sequins Thong Bikini" HD strip video
13 Jul 11
This is the perfect setting for some alone time with sexy starlet Breanne Benson. A cool pool on a warm day with no noisy neighbors and complete privacy. You're free to do whatever you want to her. If you're up for some foreplay she especially wants you to play with her clit stud to really get her juices flowing. Sadly she's home alone this time but she's substituted a big pink rubber dildo and demonstrates perfectly what she would do for you.
Randy Moore "Turquoise Water and Thong" HD video
10 Jul 11
When it comes to Randy Moore we operate under the Billy Idol principle - "Too much is never enough!" Of course he was talking about music videos and we're talking about Randy's phenomenal body culminating with her world class ass. So maybe we're a little obsessed with her ass but you'll thank us when she slowly pulls down her bottoms and especially when she's on all fours with her big pussy lips poking above water.
Breanne Benson "Blue Sequins Thong Bikini" Photoset
07 Jul 11
Looking at the gorgeous Breanne Benson in these photos reminds us of a platinum blonde Hollywood starlet relaxing by her Beverly Hills pool. Except in Breanne's case she gets naked and naughty for the camera and loves every second of it. Man, you've got to love those perfect natural breasts glistening in the sun. Btw, when you see a hot girl like Breanne with a pierced clit hood you know she's got only one thing on her mind 24/7.
Erika Jordan "Shiny Turquoise Teardrop" HD video
04 Jul 11
In her own words Erika Jordan is a dirty girl. She was referring to all the wet sand on her juicy ass but we're pretty sure it applies to other areas. Erika was having a good time on a hot day at the beach in her tiny turquoise teardrop bikini and had a hard time keeping her naughty parts covered. We threw in a little bonus footage of Erika in another hot teardrop bikini only this time neon green leopard print.
Jayden Cole "Purple Metallic Scrunch Butt" HD video
01 Jul 11
Watching Jayden Cole in her sexy metallic scrunch butt bikini reminds us of when George Costanza said, "I've always wanted to make love to a 6 foot tall woman." Jayden is only 5' 10" but in her high heels she qualifies and who would pass up having those gorgeous long legs wrapped around them? This was one of those occasional chilly overcast days we get in LA and Jayden has the goose bumps and erect nipples to prove it.
Erika Jordan "Shiny Turquoise Teardrop" Photoset
28 Jun 11
Wow does Erika Jordan look hot in this tiny metallic turquoise teardrop bikini. It barely covers her erect brown nipples and shaved pussy and would probably win her first prize in any bikini contest. Not to mention she's baring her assets at the beach which really turns her on. Erika couldn't resist crawling around in the sand and surf getting wet sand all over her juicy behind. It's nice to see a girl who likes to get a little dirty.
Shyla Jennings "See-thru Purple G-string" HD video
25 Jun 11
We thought the photos of Shyla soaking wet in her see-thru purple g-string were hot but it's safe to say this video of her is hotter. It can never be said enough how pretty Shyla is but once she got her hair completely wet and slicked back even she thought she looked extra glamourous like Demi Moore. Shyla was having so much fun playing with her inflatable inner tube it was hard to keep in her one place.
Randy Moore "Flames Bikini Video Strip" BTS photos
24 Jun 11
What could be better than enjoying Randy Moore's incredible behind with a set of behind the scenes photos? These are great bts photos of Randy while she's performing a striptease video wearing her hot flames bikini. You can even get a better sense of just how hot Randy is by these photos with all natural lighting. Imagine walking out to your pool ready to enjoy a cool dip and she is what you find waiting for you.
Laura Lee "Floating in the Pool" HD video
22 Jun 11
Laura Lee can't believe floating around in the warm pool water is actually work. She was having a great time and so were we filming her in a tiny blue fishnet bikini and on a pink sun lounger. You can tell Laura had some difficulty staying in one place in the pool and being both lounge wrangler and cameraman at the same time is always a challenge. Thankfully she has little difficulty in unleashing her big wet breasts.
Shyla Jennings "See-thru Purple G-string" photoset
19 Jun 11
Now this is a great photoset. Not only does Shyla Jennings look gorgeous in her see-thru purple g-string bikini but it kicks up a notch when she starts to have fun with her inner tube in the pool. She transforms from stunning model to a cute sex kitten once naked and wet from head to toe. Shyla also had an audience when two hot girls arrived and sat by the pool watching her every move. That's probably why Shyla is smiling so much.
Brooke Belle "Blonde, Toned & Tanned" HD strip video
16 Jun 11
How did Brooke get into a bright yellow thong bikini? She was supposed to perform a strip video in her Red White & Blue bikini but it was a pain in the butt to take off gracefully. Of course the color of her bikini is irrelevant as soon as Brooke gets naked and pleasures herself. Once she's done there's a really nice close up of what you might call a tight and juicy little slice of pink heaven. Oh, did we mention she fingers her ass?
Capri Anderson "Sheer Polka-dot G-string" HD video
13 Jun 11
Capri Anderson is a blast and smoking hot to boot. You'll definitely get a sense of her flirty personality in this HD video and will wish you were in that pool with her. Capri is a natural cutie and our sheer blue polka-dot bikini is perfect for her perky breasts and jiggly little ass.  In this video Capri asks what we all want to here - "Do you want me on my knees?" Of course we do.
Brooke Belle "Red White & Blue Thong" photoset
10 Jun 11
The luscious Brooke Belle decked out in a red, white and blue thong bikini will make you stand up and salute in more ways than one. Brooke has that look in her eyes that she would rather be having sex than doing anything else or at least get naked and satisfy her constant cravings solo. We've featured a lot of incredible butts on Bikini Riot but Brooke's tight little round ass is one of our favorites. You could probably bounce a quarter off it.
Carli Banks "Turquoise String Bikini" HD strip video
07 Jun 11
This Carli Banks HD video is pretty damn hot and destined to be a big member favorite. Not only does Carli look extra cute and juicy in her turquoise string bikini and gold sandals by the pool but she talks dirty to the camera constantly which turns her on as much as it will you. It gets really hot when she rides her pink vibrator cowgirl with her big tits bouncing and then begs you to finish her off doggie style.
Briana Blair "Sheer Yellow Thong" HD video
04 Jun 11
The color yellow definitely looks good on Briana Blair especially with her blonde hair and golden skin. Sheer yellow looks even better. One of our favorite parts of this HD video is admiring her long firm dancer's legs and imagining them wrapped around our waist. The sun was a little too bright for Briana so she's sporting some aviator sunglasses and looks incredible slipping and sliding on a cool orange inflatable chair.
Carli Banks "Turquoise String Bikini" photoset
01 Jun 11
This photoset of Carli Banks made us fall in love with her all over again. Well technically it was when she walked through the door looking as cute and sexy as ever and we were still in love with her. Carli has a body built for bikinis but you'll prefer it when she lets those natural breasts loose or shows off that very wet bald pussy. This photoset was so good and we took so many photos there will even be a part two.
Nina James "Yellow Thong & Porpoise" HD strip video
29 May 11
In this HD video Nina James decides to go for a dip in the pool with her new friend the porpoise. She may look cute and innocent at first but once she starts stripping off her yellow thong bikini we get to see her true naughty side. The real fun begins when she jumps on the ledge and uses her fingers and a little vibrator on her clit but it's pretty hot when she's naked in the pool with water beading down her firm natural breasts.
Devi Emmerson "Orange Thong in the Pool" HD video
26 May 11
Make yourself a beverage and sit back and enjoy Devi Emmerson's perfect round, wet ass sticking up in the air as she floats on her neon tube. Devi starts out wearing a sexy orange and yellow thong bikini but she takes it off pretty quickly and shows off those mouthwatering tits and sweet shaved pussy. There was so much noise pollution from the waterfalls and neighbor mowing his lawn so we added some music to this video.
Nina James "Riding Inflatable Porpoise" photoset
23 May 11
This is our first photoset of the lovely Nina James who's had nothing but meteoric success since she started modeling. She was having so much fun in our skimpy bikinis and playing in and around the pool and it really shows in this photoset. We paired Nina with a charming inflatable porpoise and she made out with it as best as she could while stripping off a sexy yellow thong bikini.
Jenna Presley "Purple Bikini & Tanning Tub" HD strip video
20 May 11
Jenna Presley really likes her big titties and simply playing with them can almost give her an orgasm. Of course she'd prefer it if someone else would squeeze them for her while pounding her tight little box. In this HD video Jenna performs a little striptease in her sheer purple bikini and then hops in a tanning tub along with a bottle of oil. She pours oil all over her body and slips and slides while rubbing every inch of her curves.
Jana Jordan "Orange Peekaboo Bikini" HD video
17 May 11
You'll notice Jana Jordan starts out wearing a cute pink bikini but we decided to switch in this daring orange peekaboo bikini after she looked so hot wearing a blue one earlier. No question we made the right choice. In this video Jana has a close encounter with one pesky bee that can't get enough of her. She lets out a few squeals but no bee will stop her from getting naked.
Jenna Presley "Purple Bikini & Tanning Tub" photoset
14 May 11
Who goes floating in a tanning tub in a sheer purple bikini and wears her sexy stripper shoes in the pool? It looks like Jenna Presley does. She eventually takes off her high heels but it's kind of funny and hot at the same time. You probably have to be careful but that tanning tub looks like it's big enough for two or you can pull Jenna over to the shallow end when she has her big butt sticking up in the air.
Rebeca Linares "Red & Black Zebra Stripes" HD strip video
11 May 11
It's no wonder Rebeca Linares is such a popular adult star because this sultry brunette not only has a phenomenal body but the insatiable sex drive to match. It's even more of a turn on when she talks dirty in her sexy Spanish accent. Especially when she refers to her amazingly tight little pussy as her "flower". She's an expert at teasing you in her zebra striped bikini making sure you're as ready to explode as she is.
Ash Hollywood "Turquoise Metallic G-string" HD video
08 May 11
We had Ash Hollywood on all fours so often sticking her bubbly butt in the air she figured it out that we hired her for that juicy ass. It may have been at the top of our list but her platinum blonde hair, creamy white skin, perky pink nipples and pierced clit makes it a five way tie. Ash looks fantastic in her tiny turquoise metallic g-string bikini and once she discovers a bottle of lube she knows just what to do with a big ribbed vibrator.
Rebeca Linares "Red & Black Zebra Stripes" photoset
05 May 11
Say hello to the gorgeous Rebeca Linares in her first photoset for Bikini Riot. This Spanish hottie is famously insatiable in her hardcore scenes and is just as enthusiastic in our photos and videos. Rebeca is very petite and with her huge new boobs you'd swear any moment she might tip over. Her sexy red and black zebra striped bikini kept them strapped in but not for long as she gets naked by the pool and even enjoys playing with a red vibrator.
Laura Lee "Green Fishnet and Red Raft" HD video
02 May 11
Laura Lee looks beautiful as usual when rocking a skimpy green fishnet bikini in this HD video but your favorite part will definitely be when she's butt naked and having fun in the pool on a cool red floatie. Laura's huge tits could probably be classified as official flotation devices. Mouthwatering is an understatement as Laura lays back and spreads wide her glistening thighs and soaking wet pussy.
Sunny Leone "Tiger Striped Scrunch Butt" HD strip video
29 Apr 11
Stunning Sunny Leone wants to make sure you hit rewind on this HD video so you can enjoy it over and over again. In her own words she wants you to shoot your load all over her. That's got to be in the top three requests we'd all like to hear a woman say. Could be number one. Sunny looks amazing in her high heels and green tiger striped scrunch butt bikini and even better when she experiences orgasmic bliss in the warm sun.
Sunny Leone "Tiger Striped Scrunch Butt" photoset
26 Apr 11
This stylish green tiger striped bikini was designed in mind for sexy and exotic women just like Sunny Leone. She looks amazing with her big brown nipples popping out as she lounges by the pool. We love Sunny's curvaceous figure in our bikinis but once she's totally naked everything gets kicked up a notch. The images of her spreading her thighs wide in front of the sparkling blue water will be etched in your memory forever.
Randy Moore "Turquoise Water and Thong" HD strip video
23 Apr 11
It wouldn't matter how cool the turquoise pool water is because there is no cooling down Randy Moore's smoking hot body. We're preaching to the choir but it's always worth repeating how amazing her ass is. We give it plenty of attention in this HD video as Randy strips off her thong bikini in the shallow end. She moves over to the steps to play with her equally amazing pussy which we show off with some great close ups.
Carli Banks "Tie-Dye Thong in the Pool" HD video
20 Apr 11
Carli Banks is one of our favorite hotties and hanging out with us in bikinis is nothing but a blast for her. You can get a great sense of her fun and care free personality in this video. She would have been the perfect laid back hippie chick in this tie-dye bikini. Peace, love and happiness is her motto right up there with have as many orgasms as you can. You can tell Carli is a moaner in the sack cause she moans even when striking a pose.
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